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BMW E12 1981 GTA 5

2 customer reviews



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BMW E12 1981

BMW E12 is the first generation of the 5 series. This is where it all started for BMW 5 Series executive cars. Before this car, “BMW New class” was the unofficial 5 Series.  It’s amazing that this car is 50 years old and still has held its charm.

Actually, the E12 1981 model that we have here is 40 Years old and has facelifted tail lights and front, but even the pre-facelift model is stylish and elegant to this day.

Although time hasn’t been kind to this car and you can not easily find clean and running E12’s anymore, car enthusiasts are increasingly understanding its value and are beginning to rebuild and restore E12s that are still a piece.

One of these car enthusiasts is the author of the 3d model of this E12 to whom I had the pleasure of talking. I hope he finishes his project soon!

BMW E12 is the only 5 Model that doesn’t have an M variant. Although E12 M535i is considered as an M car the first M version for the 5 series was made for E28 which we have released before on the website ( The stock version ): BMW E28.


BMW E12 GTA 5 Features

  • High-Quality exterior.
  • HQ Interior ( From Babaroum’s E12 which is from an E21 )
  • 3D Engine. Thanks to Babaroum for letting us use the model.
  • This model has 3D lights and all of them including headlights, taillights, reverse lights, etc. are functional.
  • Steering wheel.
  • Dirt map.
  • Working dials.
  • All the glasses including windows and lights are breakable.
  • Accurate size.


How to Install

  1. Navigate to “mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/”
    create a new folder called “gcme28” and place this “dlc.rpf” file inside that folder.
  2. Export “dlclist.xml” from “mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/” to your desktop with OpenIV. Open the file with any text editor, add the following line to the end:<Item>dlcpacks:/gcme28/</Item>
  3. Import “dlclist.xml” again to the path mentioned above using OpenIV.
  4. Done! Use Menyoo PC or GTAVAddonLoader to spawn your car in the game.


Future plans for this mod

  • We are planning to create a realistic Handling for this mod. Once the handling file is ready this mod will be updated.

Be sure to check our Discord channel and our Instagram to get the latest news as fast as possible.



Model from PANALINA.

Converted by



No one has the right to reupload this mod on any other website.
No one has the right to convert this mod to other games without gtacarmods’ consent.


2 reviews for BMW E12 1981 GTA 5

  1. cyrus

    nice job ! pls make the M version of this car too

  2. daaver.shah

    Amazing mod and a real heritage of a car. Thanks for the mod. Great work. Would love to see some Group B rally cars from you folk,
    The mods work great in game.

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