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Chevrolet Blazer 2020 GTA 5

4 customer reviews



Original model from GTA: San Andreas by Abner3D.

Converted by GTACarmods Team.

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Chevrolet Blazer 2020

Chevrolet Blazer 2020 is an SUV which its history goes back to 1969. Back then it was a two-door SUV but nowadays Chevrolet produces it as a 4 door SUV with 2 optional level trims.

  • Model years : 2019 – Present
  • Engine : 2.0 L Turbocharged @ 231 HP
  • Class: Crossover SUV
  • Layout: FWD , AWD


Chevrolet Blazer 2020 Features

  • HQ Model.
  • HQ Interior.
  • All the lights are 3D modeled and working including headlights, taillights and indicators.
  • Dirt map.
  • Steering wheel.


How to Install

  1. Navigate to “mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/”
    create a new folder called “gcmblazer” and place this “dlc.rpf” file inside that folder.
  2. Export “dlclist.xml” from “mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/” to your desktop with OpenIV. Open the file with any text editor, add the following line to the end:<Item>dlcpacks:/gcmblazer/</Item>
  3. Import “dlclist.xml” again to the path mentioned above using OpenIV.
  4. Done! Use Menyoo PC or GTAVAddonLoader to spawn your car in the game.


Future plans for this mod

  • At the moment we do not intend to extend this mod anymore than we already have.

Be sure to check our Discord channel and our Instagram to get the latest news as fast as possible.



Original model has been converted to GTA:SA by Abner3D : Link

Converted by GTAcarmods Team.



No one has the right to reupload this mod or upload it on any other site

No one whether whom I know or no, has the right to convert this mod to other games without consent !

4 reviews for Chevrolet Blazer 2020 GTA 5

  1. Anonymous

    Love you bro

  2. XtremeGamingYT

    It’s Amazing

  3. XtremeGamingYT

    The buttons on the steering wheel doesnt move with the wheel

    • GTACarmods

      Thank you for mentioning that. will be fixed in the next update

  4. evalyy

    Please add an engine , so the bonnet wont get messed when the car suffering impact. Even LQ engine would do.

    • GTACarmods

      that requires an engine bay and a bonnet with a engine. we might consider this in future if we want to create more Chevrolet SUV’s so we can use an eninge for most of them

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