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Volkswagen Golf GTI 2021 GTA 5

2 customer reviews



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Volkswagen Golf GTI 2021

volkswagen golf gti 2021

Volkswagen golf is one of the most reliable, exciting, and yet affordable cars in automotive history.

This lineup has been in production since 1974 and for a company that focuses mainly on producing reliable and cheap cars, the Golf is definitely an outsider. 

Ever since 1974, Golf brings cheap and exciting hatchbacks in each of its generations, and the 8th generation of Volkswagen Golf is not an exception.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI 2021 can be considered a revolution to the Golf lineup. The new VW logo is not the only thing that has been changed and the evolutionary overall design of the car can be easily noticed comparing it to the previous generations. 

 Just compare the 4th generation to the 7 and you can see the 8th generation is nothing like the previous ones. Unfortunately, these new ideas and designs haven’t been made without a sacrifice and finally, the 3-door version of the Golf has been discontinued.  

The GTI model is considered as the High-performance one for the Golf Mk8 line-up. But it’s not the most powerful one yet. the Wildest Golf out of the 8th generation is definitely the Golf R.

The GTI model has a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine that outputs 241 horsepower. 

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2021​ GTA 5

This mod is definitely a premium quality one that has been released for the public. We hope that you enjoy this mod as it has a complete interior, doos sills and door panel, and an absolutely gorgeous exterior. You can find every detail in the correct appearance in this car. 

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2021 GTA 5 Mod Features

volkswagen golf gti 2021

To see the usual functions available in our mods visit this link Our GTA 5 car mods main features.

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Addon name:   gcmgolf8gti


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2 reviews for Volkswagen Golf GTI 2021 GTA 5

  1. Kimberley

    Great car. Thank you!

  2. thes89199

    This is nice car!!

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