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We have made a ‘Badge’ system that will make it easy for you to find out how many features a mod has with a first look. Here is the list with a brief description

High Quality Caliper and Brake Disk

The mod that features this badge, has a detailed brake disk and caliper. It usually appears on Sports/Super cars when the smallest details matter. 

Trunk Bay

A 3D modelled trunk with high quality trunk liner and sills. 

Digital Gauge Cluster

A feature that usually appears on newer cars. Instead of traditional analog gauge cluster, a mod that features this badge has digital gauge cluster with digital speedometer. 

Openable doors with HQ Doorsills

All the doors can be opened while having high-quality door sills and door jams. 

3D Engine Bay

Detailed 3D engine under the bonnet. We try to put the engine in our mods, however, sometimes due to high polygon count that is not possible. Therefore, when a mod features this badge it has a detailed model engine rather than a 2D picture or a low quality one. 

Different Colour Options

Different color options for interior, calipers ,etc.

Arch Extension

When the polygon count of a model is too high we have to spawn some of the parts as ‘Tuning’. This is usually know as the Arch extension. Most of the time we try to avoid this since it is an unpleasant thing to have, but when there is no other choice we try to remove the seats and make them appear in game via tuning.  

Animated Lights

Animated headlights or taillights. Mostly for parts such as the blinker in modern cars. We don’t do rainbow animated lights on supercars!

Volumetric Lights

This feature is usually present in older cars that don’t have LED lights.  

3D Underbody

This means the mod has a 3d modelled underbody. This is a detail that we add when there is room for improvements. However, if the model is already reaching its limit ( ytf size ) then we can’t add this feature and have to make a simple black underbody.

FiveM Compatible

One of the most important things for our customers is fiveM compatibility. It is not always easy to achieve this thing since most of our mods are extremely detailed, but we do our best.

3D Gauge Cluster

Vehicles that feature a 3D gauge cluster. This usually appears on older cars. We don’t make the whole cluster a simple picture and each one has its own place. Sometimes the gauge itself is also 3D and each number is modelled. 

Electric Car

EV Mode! Cars that are electric, therefore they don’t have gears and audible engine sounds in game. 

Breakable Glass /w crack texture

All the glasses of the car can break with a realistic crack texture.