Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, you are most likely familiar with Nissan 350Z. The Nissan 350Z also known as Nissan Fairlady Z is a sports coupe that was produced by Nissan from 2002 until 2008. Since the introduction, it’s appeared in many video games and some movies. But the thing that makes this car special, is that how quickly it can go from a daily driver to a heavily modified drift monster.

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Beginning of The Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350z

Nissan 350Z came out in 2002. It’s the successor of the Nissan 300ZX. Because of the rarity and technologies that were used in 300ZX, now, its price has double to what it had been in 1989. Compared to that, 350Z is a simpler car and nowadays you can easily find a working model with less than 10,000 dollars.

The 350Z was fitted with a 3.5 Liter engine capable of producing 287 horsepower which is close to what 300ZX could do 10 years earlier. 

But in terms of the design of the car, the 350Z was years ahead of its time. Although 350Z kept the long-hood short-deck signature design of the Z family, it innovated so many new elements that completely separated it from previous models.

Arguably even today, after almost 20 years from its introduction, the design of this car is still desirable.

Unlike its predecessor, the 350Z has become a popular project car. In the next section we are going to find out why.

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Is Nissan 350Z one of the best project cars?

You might argue since there are many other options available such as Honda civics, Nissan Skylines, and even BMW 3 series ( Almost every generation ), but I have my reasons to pick this car as one of the best project cars available today.

This car is still desirable in terms of looks. Although it has a simple and outdated interior, the exterior of the car doesn’t belong to the 2000s. You can compare 350Z to one of its competitors back then, the Audi TT 2004, and see it yourself. Even though the stock 350Z is still beautiful, you can enhance its looks with many kits that are available for this car. 

Apart from looks, the base model has enough power to not make you worry about the engine. Most of the project cars that belong to the ’90s and early 2000s firstly need an engine swap to even start the project. But this is not the case with the Nissan 350Z since it is equipped with a 3.5 Liter that has a lot of tuning potential.

Since our main focus is on GTA car mods, we are not going in-depth to discuss how to mod this car or install kits for it. Instead, we are going to visualize this car’s potential. Just wait a little bit more, we are getting there.

Nissan 350Z in Video Games

The Nissan 350Z has appeared in many AAA and smaller Racing video games. To name a few, Grand Turismo Series ( From Gran Turismo 4 ), Forza Series ( From Forza Motorsport in 2003 ), GRID Autosport, and Test Drive Unlimited. But the most memorable and important appearance from the 350Z in a video game belongs to the Need For Speed: Underground 2. The Iconic ” Rachel’s 350Z” was given to the players at the start of the game and it would be playable for a couple of races. I think we can all agree, this is the most memorable appearance of the 350Z in any video game since then. After NFS: Underground 2 that variant of 350Z appeared in some other versions of the NFS series, most recently the NFS: Heat. Although none of them could repeat the success of the original one since the atmosphere of the game itself wasn’t the same.

Nissan 350Z in Movies

The most notable appearance of Nissan 350z goes back to the Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift. In this movie, there were 2 versions of 350z who portrayed the main villain and an annoying blonde dude. 

There is a reason I reminded you of these versions of the 350Z and you’ll find out why soon.

Nissan 350Z in GTA Car mods

nissan 350z

Now we get to the part that we have been working on for weeks. Is The Nissan 350Z the best project car for GTA 5? let’s find out

We have converted 5 different versions of 350z for GTA 5. From the stock version with a stock engine to the heavily modified rocket bunny variants and also famous models of this car.

one of the main purposes of creating this collection was to show the legacy that this car has left behind. Cars are not always ‘Objects’ that carry you from one point to another. Sometimes they are much more than that and the memories they left behind in your mind are what makes them important and special. 

In that case, we have some memorable cars to present. Here is the list of All versions of the 350Z that we are going to release for GTA 5.

Nissan 350Z 2003 - Stock Version

An important part of this collection. I always wanted to have a stock version of 350z without any modification in GTA 5. Usually, all the mods were heavily modified with cambered wheels which are not my favorite thing at all. 

So, we started with converting the base model. Where it all started for 350Z. This mod is going to be the first one of this collection that is going to get released. We put so much time into it and we hope it helps you appreciate the base version of this car more. It is necessary to feel the evolution of 350Z!

To download this car for free visit this link : Nissan 350Z GTA 5

Nissan 350Z Nismo sport

This version of Nissan 350Z was introduced on April 4, 2007. It has a slick body kit added to the car by Nissan and a Nismo-tuned engine to deliver 306 horsepower. We haven’t decided yet to add this version to the Stock 350z (as tuning) or release it separately.

since we are going to modify a couple of parts and give it a different ‘handling’. But once we finalize our decision we will release this one too. 

Release Date: To be announced

Nissan 350Z Rocket Bunny

If you want a Nissan 350z with wide body panels, lowered suspension, and a huge rear spoiler, this one is for you. This version of 350Z has a rocket bunny kit with an engine tuned for drift. You can get more info about this car as well as the features once we publish it on the website. Currently, more than 70% of this one has been done. 

Once we finalize making this version, the article will be updated with screenshots so you can find out when it will be released. 

Release Date: To be announced.



Drift King's 350Z - Tokyo Drift

The famous Drift King’s 350Z from F&F3: Tokyo Drift has been a popular model among car fans and GTA Community.

But this time there is a difference! this mod is not going to be a paint job with an irrelevant body kit/wheels. It is going to be the exact replica of the DK’s 350Z. The mod is almost done and we are fixing some textures.

By the way, we haven’t decided on the color choice. We are thinking about releasing it with 1 color option which is the original paint color. If you want to like to have multiple color options so you can paint it however you want let us know in the comments.

Release Date: To be announced.

Rachels Nissan 350Z Underground 2

Last but not least. One of the most special versions of a 350Z is a digital one! As stated before, this car appeared in the NFS: Underground 2 and since then its been a legend amongst fans of racing video games. This one too is going to be the exact replica of the NFS: U2 version. Preparing it for GTA 5 took some time but it’s totally worth it. We can not be more excited for you to try it and recollect your memories with this car. Currently, we are working on it and we want to make it special. Join our discord channel to get more news about the process and be more involved in our work. 

Release Date: To be announced.