Since I had to repeat the list of our GTA 5 car mods features on every product page I decided to described them all at once in this article. This way there won’t be repetitive text on every car mod page and I can go into detail and inform you on how each feature makes the car look and perform better!

These features exist almost on all of our mods ( Specifically recent mods, some of the older ones need to be updated ). Some features like a 3D engine might be exclusive to fewer mods that will be specified in the gallery of the mod.

3D Model Features

The features listed below are the ones that are mainly dependent on the 3D model

Model Quality

One of the most important parts of a mod visuals is how the actual 3D model has been designed. If the original 3D model has bad quality you can’t make a decent mod out of it no matter how much you try. The 3D models that we use in our mods are always the best that are available. we have scraped some of our projects such as Peugeot 106 because at the end we were not satisfied with the quality of the 3D model itself. 

3D Lights

This feature is also dependent on the 3D models itself to have the 3d lights implemented or not. Although recently model creators won’t release their vehicle models without 3D lights, but older models tend to have textures as the lights, more. It is a bit hard to model older cars taillight and headlight properly in GTA 5 since they all have their own unique textures for the light housing and the glass separately.  But we experiment and make progress with each mod. 

Subaru BRZ tS 2020


All of our mods have full interior. Although Some models come with lower quality interiors and have textures instead of parts such as radio, vents, etc. But specially in our recent mods we have tried to upgrade those flaws so everything in the interior is nice and 3D. Textures tend to have much lower quality. We did scrape some of your mods like the Hyundai Verna for having to many textures in the interior.

Also there are some crucial parts in a good interior that helps the overall quality of a mod massively. For example a 3D gauge cluster makes the driving experience much better. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that we transfer the interior model to blender and redo all of its parts UV mapping. This way it gets way nicer textures. 

Door sills and door jams

Most of the 3D models come without proper door sills and door jams. Since commercial proposes don’t require those parts to be seen, model creators won’t do the extra work and skip them. But in GTA we definitely need those parts unless we want to release a incomplete mod ( which at the beginning of our work we did with some models . but don’t worry we are updating them ). All of our recent mods have door sills and door jams with some extra parts such as door latches and hinges. 

3D Engine Bay and Engine

Usually it is not possible to have a 3D engine for high polygon models. Because it will make the mod so heavy that we need to make every main part as a tuning option. We are against this because it adds extra load on your GPU and CPU to process all those additional parts ( Specially if you are planning to use the replace option ). So if the model is capable of adding an engine, we implement it. But if it is already a weighty 3d model we skip the engine. 

if a model has 3D engine we add pictures to the gallery to show that option does exist.

Chassis and Transmission system

This definitely something that I would have loved to acquire for all of our mods. But unfortunately many models come without it and with some high polygon models we can’t even implement them. Because the base 3d model is already reaching the GTA 5 polygon limit so we can’t add any extra to it. But some of our mods have this feature which makes it much more complete and realistic.

Having chassis on a 3D model let us make the front bumper and the rear bumper as detachable parts. So in case of cars accidents those pars get separated from the body. Since this option is not that common in our mods we will specify if a mod has this trait.

Functional Features​

This is the part that's completely up to us to do to make a mod complete. The features listed below exist in all of our recent mods.

Openable doors, boot and trunk

all of the main doors ( 2 for coupes and 4 for sedans ) are openable in all of our mods, However the boot and the trunk are only available for the mods with a 3d engine or a trunk bay. As mentioned its not possible to add those parts to all of our mods due to GTA 5 polygon limit.


We implement correct light functions for each mod. Headlights , front indicators , taillights, brake lights and rear indicators all exist in each mod.

Recently we have added lights with “neon” effect for newer models with LED light system. we are still experimenting on it and its not perfect 100%, but eventually it will be.   

Porsche 911 Targa 2022 GTA 5 LED MATRIX

Breakable glasses

Not only every glass in the car can break , but also they have a decent crack texture added to them. Although the glasses of the lights are not breakable on every mod, we have tried to make this feature available to all of our recent mods. Below you can see the difference between a breaking a glass with the crack texture and one without it:

Interior lights

Since we use high quality 3D interiors in our mods, we are able to make every button have its own texture and light it up when you press H to turn on your car’s lights.

Working Speedometer

This is another important feature that we implement on our mods. Depending on the model we use analog and digital speedometers and sometimes both at the same time. 

Hands-on Steering wheel

This one is a basic feature to have on a mod these days. but 3-4 years ago not every mod had it and it would make the first person driving experience not pleasant at all. Although there are some mod creators that are still neglecting a basic features like this. 

Accurate collision model

without this feature there would be some serious problems with your mod. If the collision model doesn’t cover all of the model, your car would pass through objects. If the collision model is larger than the model or its not accurately done, it makes your car to have collisions with objects which are near it. For example you are going to pass through a narrow spot which you should be fine but suddenly you car crashes and you wonder what happened. well that’s a collision model poorly done.

Real Mirrors

There isn’t much to say about this feature, but yes, mirrors work too which is something that we have to implement and it wont work simply by adding a texture to it.


If you are not familiar with the word ” LODs “, we have described it in this article ” What is LODs “. It is important for a mod to have this feature since it massively helps your PC to preserve its resources.

So, these are the main GTA 5 car mods features that we implement on every mod on our website. Some features are specific to a certain model ( Like the matrix LED headlight or an Active rear spoiler we recently added to the Porsche 991 Targa 2022  ) which requires more time to accomplish.

It takes time and energy to convert a 3d model to a decent mod in GTA 5. We need your support. If you want to make a video of our mods please put a link in description and don’t re-upload them on other websites. Your comments are always Appreciated <3.