Although beauty is subjective and everyone has their different opinions on the same matter, I personally think the Mercedes Benz C Class 2021 is one of the most beautiful and luxurious models in the C segment ever made. 

Mercedes Benz C Class 2021 - the W206

Mercedes Benz C Class 2021

The Mercedes Benz C Class 2021 or the W206 is the fifth official generation of the C Class line-up. You might wonder why this one has the number “6” but it’s the 5th generation. 

To explain that, we have to go back to 1982. The year that the 190E or the W201 was introduced. The dimensions of that model were smaller than the typical Mercedes Benz models in that era. Mercedes Benz was experimenting with compact sedan body type with 190E and it worked. Actually, it was so successful that it started the C Class we know today. Although the 190E has the W201 name, officially it’s not a C class.

If I want to rate my most favorite C-class models, I put the W201 in the first place, the facelifted w204 in the second, and the new C Class, The W206 in the third. 

What’s your favourite C-Class?

The Most Luxurious C-Class

The W206 is definitely the most luxurious model that has been introduced for the C-Class. 

The build quality and the number of technologies used in this car are definitely levels above previous generations. Personally, I prefer the design of this car to the S class. But it’s just my opinion.

Considering the New S class has been in production for more than 1 year, I think the new design of Mercedes Benz has grown on me. Now, I’m actually liking the triangular design of the taillights. It seems that Mercedes is perfecting this design and we can hope to see the most mature one with the upcoming E class.

The W206 could be considered as the mini S-Class. The interior is levels above its traditional competitors, The BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4. It’s really similar to the S class as it gets 2 huge touch screens. Beautiful air vents and ambient lighting all over the dashboard make the interior of the W206 a sportier and more simple version of the S class. 

Although I don’t like to operate simple tasks like changing the climate with the touch screen or raising the radio’s volume with the touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheel, these are the latest trends that car manufacturers put into their cars and make the interior feel much more premium. 
Especially since some of the premium features that were available in S-Class are now available in C-Class. Such as an electronically adjustable steering wheel column, turning rear wheels and a huge 10 inch LED display panel for the center console ( upgradable to 12″).

However, no more air suspensions! only normal coilovers.

The Design

The Latest C Class is slightly longer and wider than the previous generation. Right now, there are 2 trims available for the sedan version and 3 trims for the Estate. 

The sedan has the Avantgarde and the AMG line which has an A-shaped grill filled with 3 pointed stars. Also, the state has the 2 mentioned trims with the addition of the All-terrain model. 

As mentioned the interior design of this car is somewhat similar to the S class although not with the same material quality which is expected from the C-Class and its price range. 



While most of the previous generation engines have carried out to the new model, there is one that won’t be carried over, unfortunately. The 4.0-liter twin-turbo V6 won’t be featured in the w206 and the coupe version will likely have a 4 cylinder hybrid. 

As for the current engines available for this car, there are 4 Petrol and 4 Diesel ones that are featured in different trims. 

All the available engines are hybrid and they help with the efficiency of the car to save energy while being in traffic (stop-start system ) and to use the saved up energy on the road. 

The base model ( C180 ) gets a 1.5-liter turbocharged 16V l4 with a 48V electric motor to help it out. This combination produces 188 horsepower combined for the C class which makes it go from 0-100 in 8.6 seconds and reach the top speed of 231 km/h.

The most powerful C class right now which is the C 300 4MATIC gets a 2.0-liter turbocharged 16V l4 with the same electric motor as the base model. This combination can generate 275 horsepower that makes this car go from 0-100 in only 6.0 seconds. The top speed of this model is 250km/h. 

Interior Design

Mercedes Benz C Class Estate 2021

The interior of the C Class 2021 is definitely an important part that has made this car so elegant. You can find elements in the interior design that is usually available in the E-Class or even S-class. some features like 2 LED display panels that control most of the functionalities of this car. 

Ambient lighting is present throughout the dashboard of the car and in terms of the overall design, it is similar to the S-Class. Something that has made this car very special. 

Is The Mercedes Benz C Class 2021 worth buying?

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