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Introducing the

GCM Wallet

gcm wallet

What is the GCM Wallet

The GCM Wallet is a new service that provides discounts for our customers. When buying a product you can charge your wallet and receive a %10 discount on you cart. Therefore instead of paying the full price for a mod, you can always get a %10 discount and save it in your wallet.

How to maximize the profit?

By charging your wallet more than a certain amount, you will be granted a bonus credit.
You can use the bonus on top of the previously charged value and use it whenever you want.
The values that receive a bonus are shown in the chart below

Bonus Credits

Note that these are on top of the %10 discount you get while paying with your wallet

How it goes?

Please note that the charges don’t accumulate and the bonus is calculated for every single Plan. Therefore, for example, if you spend $190 on a single charge, you get 5% bonus and if you spend another $190, it still counts as the Basic plan and you’ll get 5% bonus.

Basic Plan

By spending between $100 and $200, you’ll get a 5% Bonus on top of the amount that you have deposited in your wallet. Note that all the bonuses are on top of the %10 discount you get while spending with your wallet. 

Mid Plan

By spending between $200 and $500 you’ll get a 20% Bonus on top of the amount that you have deposited in your wallet. 

Pro Plan

Spend between $500 and $1000, and get a 35% bonus. 

Ultimate Plan

By spending more than $1000, you’ll get a 75% bonus.
For example, when you deposit $1000, you’ll get a $750 bonus credit added to your account. 

Important Notes

The 10% Discount is calculated at the Checkout

You get the discount at the checkout. For example, if a product is $20, you have to charge your wallet $20 to be able to use your funds. Then, at the checkout, you’ll get a 10% discount and the $2 will remain in your account.

DO NOT Compromise your account!

As stated in our ‘ Terms and Conditions ‘ the customer is not allowed to sell/ re-upload/ trade or share the purchased product. If the customer brakes our rules, his/hers account will be banned and the funds will be wiped.
In the case that you need to send your mod to a fivem server’s admin, make sure that the admin is trustworthy and won’t leak the mod.

No refunds

The funds in your wallet are not refundable and are only usable on the mods. 

The Bonus Funds can take time to get added to your account

The process of adding bonus funds to your wallet is not automated yet and could take a couple of hours. Please be patient while we add the bonus.

How to add funds

Go to the ‘ My Account ‘ link in the header, and navigate to ‘ Add funds ‘ in the left menu. From there you can easily add the amount of money you like to add to your wallet. 

You can always check your available funds from the main page of your account ( the dashboard ).