It’s so exciting to not only review Nissan 400z specs but to see it close up and drive it in GTA 5! Join me in the rest of this article to review the latest Nissan Z model and find out when you can try it too.

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Nissan 400Z : The Nissan's Renaissance

Nissan 400z

It seems like ages ago since Nissan introduced an exciting car. The company that is responsible for producing so many iconic sports cars, had been reduced to manufacturing average family sedans. But that is about to change. The recent new cars that Nissan has introduced for its lineup promise good things. Specifically, there is certain Fairlady among them that is reminiscent of good times for Nissan. 

The Last Fairlady, the 370Z, had been in production for over 10 years and it was overdue for its retirement. Given the desperate situation of Nissan in recent years, the new version had to be perfect. Nissan finally introduced the new Z model and thankfully it was worth the wait.

The new 400Z looks like a modernized mixture of 240z and 300zx. Although the front bumper has a controversial design, you can definitely say Nissan has been more successful in reviving its old grill design rather than BMW.

In the rest of this article, we are going to get closer to every angle of this car to see what Nissan has prepared for us. Although we will not get deep into technical aspects of the car that much. 

Styling of the Nissan 400z

Although this is the proto version of the Nissan 400z and it is not the final product, Nissan has confirmed that it has more than 90% of the characteristics of the final version. Unlike the 350Z that had an innovative design in the Z lineup, the Nissan 400Z has a lot of elements that make it the modernized version of the earlier Z models.  Specifically, the front of the car is a reminder of 240Z and the back is taken from the 300ZX while implementing new LED taillights. You can see  the details in these photos :  

Engine Specs

The exact engine model and its specs haven’t been officially confirmed by Nissan yet. But according to many rumors and speculations, the engine almost certainly is going to be the Infinit’s Q60 twin-turbo V6 which makes the 400Z a cheap and serious competitor to Toyota Supra. This engine is capable of producing 300 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque but the rumors suggest that the 400Z might be able to get a lot more power from this engine which is somewhere around 400 horsepower. 

Also, there will be a Nismo version of the Nissan 400z as always which will push the numbers even more and Nissan has promised that this Nismo version will be much more powerful than previous iterations. 

I won’t go further into the technical aspects of this car since executing some topics like how the gearbox and suspension works are not entirely possible in GTA. So we deal with the visual aspect of the Nissan 400z more.

The Interior - Massive improvments

If you don’t know, we have been working on releasing a collection of Nissan 350Z cars for the past weeks. In my opinion, the 350Z is one of the most beautiful Z series ever released. But the most disappointing thing about that car is its interior. The 370Z improved the material a bit and had made it more exciting but after 12 years, the interior design is completely outdated. The good news about the 400z is that it has revised the interior completely while keeping some original elements from the previous Nissan Z models. 

Looking at the door panels, it seems that Nissan has treated this car with the 370z door handles with a nicer and more premium finish. Also, the use of leather and Alcantara along with yellow stitching has made it have a much higher quality compared to previous models.

We get to the dashboard, the structure of it is familiar to 350Z and 370Z but like mentioned, the quality is much higher with all premium materials used in this car. 

The famous 3 analog gauge layout has appeared again which is going to show boost pressure, battery voltage, and the turbo speed of the Nissan 400z. Unfortunately, this is the only place you’ll find any analog gauges as the Nissan has equipped the 400z with a 12 inch fully digital display screen which has a nice quality, but I guess I am an old-fashioned guy who still enjoys a manual transmission with a classic cluster gauge. Speaking of it, thankfully Nissan has opted to put a 6-speed manual transmission into 400Z.

Another delightful thing you’ll find inside the interior is a good old-fashioned hand brake. no e-brake inside the 400Z!

Nissan 400z interior
Nissan 400z interior
Nissan 400z interior

Nissan Z Proto for GTA 5

Now we get to the most exciting part. Thanks to modding and GTA 5 you can test this car in the game and check every angle of it close up! Right now since there has not been a confirmed engine for the 400Z, the model lacks an engine but apart from that, you can have a decent preview of what the actual car will be. All you have to do is follow this link and download the Nissan 400z for GTA 5:

Nissan 400Z GTA 5