We are extremely pleased to announce that our website is ready and from now on we will release our exclusive mods on this domain only.

Our website is consisted of 2 main sections. Cars ( mods ) and Blog.

In “Cars” Section we release our mods when the are ready. Any mod uploaded in this website is going to be free and available to everybody. You can see all the car by clicking on This.

In the Blog section we have two main categories. Mod Previews and Articles.

We will post previews of our mods before we release them. we won’t be doing this for every mod that we are going to release. Only the mods that are somewhat Iconic or more important than others with history behind them.

In article category we will post News and reviews from other subjects such as GTA news. Since we are going to buy 3D models and convert them for GTA we might review 3D model on our website, too.

Our main goal is to make cars available to everyone

To help us reach this goal we need your help. You can help us by disabling add-block on this website. Using adds helps us continue our work and upload new content more often. Please share our mods and avoid re-uploading them on your website.

There is much to achieve and with your help, we plan to do so.