Who wouldn’t love driving a car with which they personally interact, in their favorite game ? Thanks to modding driving your car in GTA is now possible. Today we have the pleasure of introducing the face-lift version of the first generation of Kia Rio 2002.

Kia Rio was first introduced in 1999 and it didn’t have the best build quality. In 2002 Rio got a facelift and received a more powerful engine along with higher quality components. The Improved engine could produce 80 horsepower at 5,500 rpm which is about 5 horsepower higher than the pre-facelift version. The fourth generation of Kia Rio has been in production since 2017 and might be released on our website for GTA:V Someday !

The KIA Rio 2002 GTA 5 mod that is represented in our website is the facelifted version of the first generation of KIA RIO.

kia rio gta 5

Exterior of Kia Rio 2002 GTA 5 mod:

Interior of Kia rio 2002 :

The interior of this mod is done by the talented artist, Lazlow with whom you may be familiar since he is a well-known name in modding community. Although the work is not the most detailed one, it’s clean and good enough for this car. the dashboard and center console is accurate although simple. Like the interior, engine is simple and has the main necessary parts. All the doors, bonnet and the hood are functional and have satisfactory details. You can explore the interior more in the pictures below :

KIA RIO 2002 GTA 5 Mod features

  1. High quality model with medium quality interior
  2. 3D modeled headlights and taillights
  3. All the doors, trunk and bonnet are openable.
  4. 3D Engine.
  5. 2D textured gauge cluster with working speedometer.
  6. Breakable glasses.

To see all the features, download this mod and learn how to install it visit the link below :

Download this car for free

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