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Nissan 400Z GTA 5

6 customer reviews



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Nissan 400Z 2021

The Nissan 400Z 2021 is the latest model of the Nissan Fairlady Z family. Although it is still a prototype and not the final model, it has all the main characteristics of the final version. If you are interested to know all the details about this model visit this article :
Nissan 400Z: Everything You Need to See

Nissan 400Z GTA 5

We put so many hours into this mod to make it as good as possible for the first version. We tried to eliminate all the bugs and added many features to improve the model quality. Nissan badges were replaced with higher quality ones as well as brake calipers ( which usually lacks details in CSR2 Models ). Also, we completely made the interior textures mapping from scratch and added detailed stitching to make it as close as possible to the real model.

Nissan 400Z GTA 5 Features

Our GTA 5 car mods main features
Added better Brake calipers with Z badge.
Correct model size for GTA.

Nissan 400z GTA 5


We might add a 3d engine for this mod in the future. 

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How to install

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Addon name : gcm400z


3D Model from CSR2. Special thanks to CSB
Screenshots by WeAreLivingArt


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6 reviews for Nissan 400Z GTA 5

  1. Anonymous

    U r the best bro

  2. Reza

    The best

  3. Aventador

    It is so beautiful.
    I simply can’t thank you guys enough for making such amazing mods and giving to us for free!

  4. Hitmaniak17

    Nissan 400Z 2021
    GTA 5 Realistic Graphics 4K

  5. Hitmaniak17

    Quality is Top of the Top. The interior contains many details.

  6. daaver.shah

    Top quality and amazing mod. Thanks guysssssss. Love you all and your hard work. You guys are Awesome.

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