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BMW X3 2016 GTA 5

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BMW X3 2016

The BMW X3 2016 is the facelift version of the 2nd generation of the X3 lineup. If you have been following our website since the begging you might remember that we have released another X3 product as well. That one is the 3rd generation of the BMW X3 lineup and If you haven’t downloaded it already you can do it by following this link. 

Now back to this model. The second generation of the BMW X3, first launched in 2010. The mid-cycle facelift ( this mod ) happened in 2014 and changes in front headlights and grill were much more pronounced rather than the back of the car. The facelifted X3 received newly modified twin circular headlights as well as a chrome kidney grill. 

The interior also has received some changes which you can observe in the image gallery or experience yourself when you play this mod in GTA 5.

BMW X3 2016 GTA 5

Just like the previous X3,  this one also has a high-quality model with a detailed interior. The famous BMW headlights have been modeled precisely and every light function works exactly like the real model. 

BMW X3 2016 GTA 5 Features

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Addon name: gcmx32016


3D Model from HKV-Studios.


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2 reviews for BMW X3 2016 GTA 5

  1. Duc

    Love that

  2. alex_penza

    the inscription on the right door is mirrored

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