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Honda Accord 2021 GTA 5

8 customer reviews



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Honda Accord 2021

Honda Accord 2021 is the 10th generation of the Accord ( Also known as Inspire ) line-up.

It is one of the most famous and successful products of Honda. The first generation of Accord came out in 1976 and it has been produced in different body styles. Like the Hatchback ( only till 1989 ), coupe ( until 2017 ), and the 5 door wagon ( discounted in 2015 ). The only body style that has been present from the beginning until now is the 4 door sedan. 

The latest generation of Accord has been in production since late 2017. It has a much more aggressive look compared to the previous generation. The chrome grill’s design has been changed and now it connects the headlights with a straight line.

Also, the taillights have been changed completely and now resemble the Civic more than the previous Accord generations. Which one do you prefer? The new generation or the previous one? 

The base model of a Honda Accord gets a 1.5-liter VTEC turbo  l4 which can produce 192 horsepower. Already decent for a family sedan. But if you want more excitement from this car, there is a more powerful engine available for it which interestingly has been used in the Civic Type R as well.

Although the 2.0-liter VTEC Turbo engine in the Accord has been equipped with a smaller turbocharger compared to the Civic Type R, still it can produce 252 horsepower which is more than enough for an Accord!

Honda Accord 2021 GTA 5

Interestingly, this is the first Honda product on our website. But there will be more coming soon.

This Honda Accord 2021 GTA 5 Mod is definitely the most detailed and accurate version, created for the game at this point. It has one of the most detailed and accurate interior models you’ve seen on a daily driver car. Let’s see some of these intricate details. I’ll let you find the rest yourself in GTA 5.

Honda Accord 2021 GTA 5 Features


Honda Accord 2021 GTA 5
Honda Accord 2021 GTA 5


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How to install

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Addon name : gcmaccord21


Special thanks to for providing the 3d model. 


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8 reviews for Honda Accord 2021 GTA 5

  1. La3per

    This is very well detailed. I love it and actually have been searching for a perfect one for the past two days. Thank you!!!

  2. Yriy Kolobov

    Best model.

  3. Duc

    Love this mod. However can you please make the LHD version? Thank you

    • GTACarmods

      Unfortunately, right now this is the only model we have

  4. MJSillah67

    I just wish it was LHD but honestly I don’t even care I’m not finna complain bc I’ve been waiting for a new Accord for quite some time

  5. Duc812

    Very good car and feature but can u fix the hand not on steering wheel. Thx

    • Canadian Mods

      The hands are on the steering wheel unless your game is outdated or you aren’t using the default addon.

  6. Duc812

    Sorry but my game is on lastest version and i use your default addon nothing change.

  7. sergio lopez

    se ve perfectamente muy buen coche

  8. syedibtehaj96

    best model but rear sitting lock

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