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Lexus GX 470 GTA 5

5 customer reviews



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Lexus GX 470

The Lexus GX is a Luxury SUV made by Lexus which gets sold mainly in North American markets. It’s built on the Toyota Prado platform and this particular product shares a lot of its features with the Toyota Prado Land cruiser 2009.

The Lexus GX 470 was first introduced in January 2002. Its sales started in late 2002 and lasted until 2009 when it was replaced by the GX 460. As stated it has a lot of similarities with the Prado, but because of the Lexus badge, it is more luxurious. For example, the interior of both cars are the same but the Lexus gets more high-quality stuff.

Something that is not common between the 2 cars, is the engine. The GX 470 gets the much more powerful 4.7-liter V8 that is capable of producing 235 horsepower. Although during the GX 470 production its engine gained more power and for the 2005 model year it had 270 horsepower.

Over time this car received more styling upgrades for the interior and exterior but no major facelifts. This is something interesting considering nowadays Toyota and Lexus SUVs ( especially Land Cruiser lineup ) receive a couple of facelifts for each generation.

Lexus GX 470 GTA 5

As in real life, this mod shares a lot with the previously released Toyota Prado 2009. They have the same platform and similar interior, however, since they have been equipped with different engines they produce different output. Although it was not possible to make 3d engines for these cars since the polygon count was already high.

Lexus GX 470 GTA 5 Features

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Addon name : gcmgx09


3D Model from HUM3D


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5 reviews for Lexus GX 470 GTA 5

  1. EqualDarrell pls pls pls do this nissan altima next pls

    • GTACarmods

      there are certain rules for requesting a mod that you have to follow. Visit our discord channel and head over to #request section.

  2. Duc

    Amazing. Thank you.

  3. kurdishgamer3306
    pls pls pls nissan altima sr 2020 next pls

  4. andr1337

    another amazing car to my collection
    any chances of brz 2022?

  5. sergio lopez

    se ve perfectamente muy buen coche

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