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Mercedes Benz S Class 2021 W223 GTA 5

13 customer reviews



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Mercedes Benz S Class 2021 - W223

One of the most luxurious series ever produced by a car manufacturer. The Mercedes Benz S class W223 is the 7th generation in the S class line-up. 

When the W223 was first unveiled online in September 2020 ( due to the corona virus ) it received mixed reviews. Mainly because of its controversial design.

But now after some time has passed and we get to see how magnificent this car actually is in terms of technology, we can appreciate the design as well as the features of the car. 

The Mercedes Benz S Class 2021 is packed with technologies and cool gadgets. In fact, it has so many features that we are going to write an article and take an in-depth look into them.

For example, since 4,5 five years ago top of the range models of each brand like Audi A8 have a future that turns the rear wheel at 2,3 degrees in the opposite direction of the front wheels in low speeds to make the turns easier in tight spaces. This number has been increased by 10 degrees for the W223. It helps it to turn like a hatchback in tight turns.

Other features like auto park system, Hands-on Steering wheel Sensor, Emergy stopping, 19 different motors to power different message programs in the driver seat, are some of the few technologies that have been implemented into this car which we will review in-depth, later.

The standard version of the W223 has a 3.0 Liter l6 turbo engine that makes 362 horsepower which helps it to reach 0 -100 km/h in only 5.1 seconds. It also has a top speed of 250 km/h. However, the most powerful engine available for this car is a 6.0 Liter V12 Biturbo ( available only for Maybach S 680 ) that produces 600 horsepower at ~5000 rpm. 


Mercedes Benz S Class 2021 GTA 5

w223 gta 5

The 3D model for this car originally came with an engine and a trunk. But even at the lowest level possible, it was too high poly for the game. So we had to remove them to get the car in the game without the need for tuning ( spawning car parts in the game with trainer ).

But good news! Because of the trunk’s loss, you can open the gas cap in this mod, since it’s been 3d modeled and ready to be functional. 

Now you can install a fuel mod for your GTA 5 and stop at any gas station and fill your tank.


Mercedes Benz S Class W223 GTA 5 Features

The Most Luxurious
Of Mercedes

mercedes benz s class 2021
mercedes benz s class 2021

High Quality Interior
with Ambient Lighting

Other Features

As with all of our other mods, the Mercedes Benz W223 Gta 5 mod has all the functional features listed here.

How to install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods.
Addon name: gcmw223


3D Model made by HKV.


© 2021  All rights reserved
DO NOT unlock this mod!
DO NOT publish it on other websites.
If we see some people publish this mod on other websites and take money for it, surely there will be fewer free mods from now on. If you see such cases please report them.

13 reviews for Mercedes Benz S Class 2021 W223 GTA 5

  1. Niko


  2. fosloa

    OMG are you serious this is free

  3. Duc

    I can’t believe its details, amazing!!! I like the way you made the highbeam on this car. However, if you don’t mind, could you please put indicators on this car? Thank you very much

  4. Atenza

    Thank you so much for this awesome mod. i have been playing it for several hours and i am in love with it. However, i found some things that you may want to fix to make the car even better.
    Firstly, it is very nice that you added openable fuel cap, but the gap between the body and the fuel cap is a little bit too big and affect the look of the car.
    Secondly, the instrument cluster and the center screen become dark when you apply the window tint to the car. So you can’t see the speedometer very clearly.
    But overall, this is a great mod and i think you are the first modder to release this model to public. I can’t wait for your next mods. Finding this website is like finding a treasure, the models that you provide are amazing and so diverse. Thank you so much for your mods sir!

    • GTACarmods

      Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We will fix those issues in the next update ( you’ll notice it when the product picture changes )

  5. Alan

    Looks nice on pictures but unfortunately it doesnt work on FiveM 🙁 yft file size is too big

  6. Dredd

    Very good work guys, but if you will add turning lights, stop tint the display, when tinting windows and add backlit buttons inside please, btw great work…

  7. aeidac

    The dashboard it’s almost invisible at night, no dashboard display lights.

  8. abod44651

    thanks you guys for your work

    • GTACarmods

      making this model compatible with fiveM is not possible unless we convert another model with less details

  9. mrparadise

    please add Maybach v223 in good quality

  10. michal99.hofirek

    Hey man, this model doesnt work for FiveM Roleplay. YFT is very big. please optimize to 16
    MB? now have 17,1MB and this is wery big. I need max 16MB

    • GTACarmods

      It’s impossible to get this mod’s size lower than what is now.
      We have plans to convert another model in future with lower size

  11. varoun

    As previously mentioned, the dashboard lights are too dark.

    Hard to see.

  12. daaver.shah

    Sweet mod. working great in game.

  13. prankbite

    Dude, this is the best mod!

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