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Toyota 86 GT 2016 GTA 5

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This is the 50th mod released by the gtacarmods team. We are proud to say that no one has ever done, what we did in this time span. We hope to continue this and deliver high-quality mods to you 

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Toyota 86 GT 2016

Toyota 86 GT is a 2 door sports car and the joint product by Toyota and Subaru. The 86 is in production since 2012 and the version we’ve presented here is the facelift variant of it. Compared to the previous model the facelift has a different front fascia with different headlights and taillights. Although the looks are different, there is not a significant increase in horsepower. It still has a rear-wheel-drive system with manual transmission ( option for automatic as well ).

The Toyota 86 2016 is powered by a 2.0 L engine known as ” Boxer ” that can make 205 horsepower paired with the manual transmission system. The automatic makes a bit less power at 200 horsepower.

High-Quality Screenshots ( Thanks to Kokoro_NK ) :

Toyota 86 GT
Toyota 86 GT
Toyota 86 GT
Toyota 86 GT
Toyota 86 GT
Toyota 86 GT

Here is a gameplay video from this car in GTA 5 :



Toyota 86 GT GTA 5 mod Features

  • High-Quality exterior.
  • High-Quality interior.
  • Functioning lights. Including headlights, taillights, etc.
  • Hands-on the steering wheel – Right-hand side drive.
  • Dirt map.
  • Lods. (What’s Lods ?)
  • Working dials.
  • Rear spoiler as an extra
  • Front license plate as an extra
  • All the glasses including windows and lights are breakable.
  • Accurate Collision model.
  • HQ textures for tires and brake disc.
  • All mirrors have a reflection.


How to Install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods.
Addon name:  gcmgt86


Future plans for this mod

  • At the moment we do not intend to extend this mod anymore than we already have.

Be sure to check our Discord channel and our Instagram to get the latest news as fast as possible.



Model is converted from a GTA: SA Model. Thanks to NGR_Ardiansyah for letting us convert it.



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