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Toyota Corolla 2022 US-Spec

5 customer reviews


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This mod is not available anymore, To get the High-quality premium version go to this link: Toyota Corolla 2022

Toyota Corolla 2021 US-Spec

Toyota Corolla 2021 is the 12th generation of the Toyota Corolla lineup. It definitely is one of the most successful models of Toyota line up for so many years across the globe.

The last generation of Toyota Corolla has one of the more stylish designs in recent years. The Hatchback version definitely takes the crown but the sedan has something to say too. The sedan has two variations for different markets, The Toyota Corolla 2021 US-spec and CN spec.

The US variation is named Sporty and it sold in North America, Japan, Australia, and other countries. Its front fascia is similar to hatchback and wagon versions. Although the 12th generation of Toyota Corolla is one of the best in terms of look in the lineup, in my opinion, nothing can take the #1 spot from the First generation of Corolla. The E10.

The Toyota Corolla 2021 US version has 5 trims. the standard model gets a 1.8 L engine which produces ~140 hp. We have also released the CN version if you want to download and compare both versions: The CN Version


Toyota Corolla 2021 US Features

Except for some of the “Model” features that are not available for this mod such as the 3D engine, This car has all the functional features listed here 

How to Install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods.
Addon name: gcmcorolla20us

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The 3D model is done by FisherMan 3D, Yelkant Modacı (Yellow1441) , Hüseyin Ülken and a VK page .


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5 reviews for Toyota Corolla 2022 US-Spec

  1. MJSillah67

    I’ve been waiting forever for this car to come to GTA. This site don’t miss

  2. fosloa

    I wake up and there is already a good thing.

  3. mad_max

    Very nice job thank you

  4. setops267

    great mod

  5. setya_yaya

    really really cool man

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