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BMW M5 Competition 2021 GTA 5

20 customer reviews



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BMW M5 Competition 2021​

The BMW M division has been responsible for producing iconic cars for BMW which turns its luxury sedans and coupes into missiles.  The latest BMW M5 is no exception and the competition pack has pushed the limits even higher.

The BMW M5 Competition 2021 is the mid-life facelift for the F90 ( 6th generation ) and it is one of the most successful facelifts in recent years. It proves that there are still good designers working at BMW and you don’t need enormous grills on a car to look good.

In front, the BMW M5 Competition 2021 has fully functional front intakes that will provide downforce and enough air to cool down the brake disks. You might ask why a 5 Series need so much downforce.  The answer lies within i’s powerful engine. This M5 has a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 that will produce 617hp and can go from 0-60 mph in only 2.9 seconds. That might be the reason why BMW doesn’t create supersport cars anymore, They create Super sedans instead.

Another change from the F90 is the new headlight design. The BMW M5 Competition 2021 uses elegant L-shaped LEDs for its headlights with wider grills that completely differentiate its looks from the previous model.

Other changes worth mentioning are the new taillights, new rims, and the new M Competition badge on the trunk.

BMW M5 Competition 2021 GTA 5 Mod ( Updated )​

BMW M5 Competition 2021

This is the New version of our previous BMW M5 2021 GTA mod. Read the update log for the complete notes about the new version. In this new version, we corrected some mistakes and added few features while maintaining the file size to not go high. So this mod is optimized to use in FiveM servers and you don’t need to spawn any parts with tuning.

BMW M5 2021 GTA 5 Features

Model Quality

High-quality model.
HQ Interior with all the details.
3D lights.
3D High-quality Engine
High-quality door panels, door sills, and door jams.
HQ Rims.
Correct model size for GTA.

Functional Features

FiveM Comaptible !

All the lights including the headlights, taillights, reverse lights, and indicators are functional.
All the doors can be opened.
The Hood and the trunk are openaable.
All the glasses are breakable.
Interior lights.
Working speedometer.
Hands are on the steering wheel.
Dirt mapping.
Accurate collision model.
Real mirrors.


Currently, we have fixed all of the bugs reported for this mod. Apart from fixing potential bugs that might be found in the future ( appreciate it if you report them in the comment section ), we do not intend to add functions/features to it anymore.

Be sure to check our Discord channel and our Instagram to get the latest news as fast as possible.

How to install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods. But if your game is already suitable for mods you can add the mod to your game with this name:   gcmm52021


3D Model from CSR2, Fh4


© 2021 .  All rights reserved

Update Log

Version 2.0 - NEW MODEL !
  1. New 3D headlight compared to the previous version
  2. Added some of the missing badges.
  3. The taillight was too bright. It is fixed now.
  4. The interior texture material was too shiny. Completely re-worked UV as well as new and better materials and textures. Also new interior components from Fh4.
  5. New texture for tires.
  6. NEW Brake caliper.
  7. New real mirrors are added.
  8. Added carbon-fiber roof.

20 reviews for BMW M5 Competition 2021 GTA 5

  1. Ahmed33

    Very nice ❤️

  2. mad_max

    dashboard leather is too shiney,Pls fix it. other than that its a great model.

  3. evalyy

    Dials dont work for me. Great mod though, Such good looking with tiny file size.

  4. joyxd


  5. fosloa

    please fix the tail light and interior texture

    • GTACarmods

      Hi, will do it in the next update for this car

  6. fosloa

    One of my favourite car in this website, but the interior texture still to wired and every time I brake I was like MY EYES!!!

    • GTACarmods

      Its going to get fixed soon

  7. fosloa

    Sorry to bother but there is another small problem,led strip of headlight looks weird in NVR.
    Really love this car❤

    • Canadian Mods

      we will fix it, thank you for letting us the bugs

  8. Seven70

    Overall a really good model! the interior however could be refined , it’s a bit too shiny
    also it’s missing the exhaust , also , care to add a carbon roof version for future update?

    • GTACarmods

      We are currently working on this mod. all the things you mentioned are going to get fixed as well as adding some extra features 😉

  9. Filip

    Is it got folding mirrors please, cant wait for this beautiful lookin mod!?!

    • GTACarmods

      Haven’t decided to add it yet. Might get another model and start from scratch

  10. Filip

    And can you pls add some carbon features, like carbon mirrors, because Competition have it. Thanks

  11. Mulhern

    I would love to see this car sooner pls update

  12. Servus

    When it will be able for download?

    • GTACarmods

      We are working on it. right now the model itself doesn’t satisfy us and we are debating on getting another model and start the conversation from scratch. But I can’t give you a specific time right now

  13. erdem kiran

    When will this car be available for download? I’ve been waiting for a long time.

    • GTACarmods

      The car is ready we are just working on the handling, but we are debating on buying a better model if it is optimized like this one. It will definitely be released in the next 10 days

  14. erdem kiran

    Okay, we are waiting, thank you for your labor

  15. Erdem Kiran

    What is the last update and when it will be shared we look forward to it.

  16. Henney

    guys, where is a car ?

  17. Ganes

    what is the latest situation ?

  18. guowei


  19. La3per

    Niiiiccceee!!!! Even better. Great work and thank you for all the long and hard hours of work.
    Just one thing though, are we able to pitch ideas for possible future mods or that’s a hard no?

  20. setya_yaya

    great great job sir!!

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