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Toyota Fortuner 2014 GTA 5

8 customer reviews



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Toyota Fortuner 2014

The Toyota Fortuner, also known as the SW4, first appeared in 2004 as a mid-size SUV. The first generation continued its production until 2015.

In the time span of 11 years, this car received 2 facelifts. The first facelift was brought in by Toyota in 2008 which wasn’t a major overhaul to the design of the car. 

The second one, however, introduced more drastic changes as the front fascia was revised with a new hood, fender, grille, and headlights. Also, the back of the car received pleasant changes which modernized the look of the aging car (at that point 7 years old ).

The model that is introduced here, The Toyota Fortuner 2014 is the second facelift of the first generation of the Fortuner lineup.  

There are 3 Petrol engines available for this car. The base engine is a 2.7 L 2TR-FE l4 but the most powerful one is a 4.0 L V6 which is definitely a lot more capable than the base option. 

 Also, there are 4 Deisel engines available ranging from a 2.5 L l4 to a 3.0 L l4.

Toyota Fortuner 2014 GTA 5

Toyota Fortuner 2014

We’ve had many requests for this car, and finally, here it is.

Although I have to ask a favor, please do not use the contact form or Instagram direct for your requests. We constantly try to introduce popular mods on our website, and yours might be next.

But if you keep messaging and asking for your favorite mod in different places it won’t do you any favor.

Toyota Fortuner 2014 GTA 5 Mod Features

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How to install

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Addon name:   gcmfortuner14


3D Model by HUM3D


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8 reviews for Toyota Fortuner 2014 GTA 5

  1. sunil12

    it says we need a password

    • Canadian Mods

      Hi, the password is :
      However I think the password was written as a comment in the rar file

  2. sergio lopez

    se ve perfecto recomiendo este modder es de 10

  3. syedibtehaj96

    please fortuner 2021 mod make

  4. RHEMZ

    how to download?

    • GTACarmods

      Download link is under the main photo ( in the purple section )

  5. yadav76783

    you guys are awesome. love from India

    • GTACarmods


  6. tandt.0103

    The rims is unrealistic, can you make this smaller then this mod become perfect <3

  7. tarush00163

    Everything is perfect except the wheels. The tyres should be bigger and the rims should be smaller. Moreover, the headlights and taillights need to be clear, not smoke. Otherwise, it is perfect.

  8. tj.sanz06

    Almost perfect. the rim size and tire size makes the model look unrealistic like the other reviews said.

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