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BMW iX 2021 GTA 5

3 customer reviews



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BMW iX 2021

The BMW iX is an electric luxury crossover SUV by BMW that has an innovative design. 

Some BMW fans might not consider this car as a true BMW since it doesn’t give you the same feeling as older products of this company. They used to be much more sporty and fun but recently BMW is following the same trend as other companies. 

Although this car is packed with high-tech features it is hard to consider it as a BMW. Even for a crossover, its design needs some time to get used to, and whether we like it or not all car companies are following this trend and revolutionizing their designs. 

Apart from the design which might get mixed reviews at first, there are some features that will satisfy everyone. The interior is really pleasant with high-quality materials and new technologies. 

Another thing that will surely make you happy is the output of the battery inside of this car. Even the base model which is branded as xDrive40 gets a 76.6 kWh battery that outputs 322 horsepower which makes this crossover go from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. There will be an M version of this car whose specification has not yet been known.  

BMW iX 2021 GTA 5 Mod Features

Releasing the BMW iX 2021 for the first time in GTA 5. This mod has a high-quality exterior as well as an interior. In order to make it we had to re-do the texturing completely to make sure it will look perfect in-game. 

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3 reviews for BMW iX 2021 GTA 5

  1. rhellcat2000

    i love this car! I didn’t even thought someone will bring it in gta.

  2. Yriy Kolobov

    High quality. Looks good in the game

  3. ymarcotte82

    Nice job as always, really cool bmw

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