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Kia Optima 2019 GTA 5

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Kia Optima 2019

The Kia Optima 2019 is the facelift version of the 4th generation of the Optima lineup ( the pre-facelift version has been released on our website: Kia Optima 2016 ).  This version introduced redesigned bumpers as well as new headlights for the 2018 version. Also, there is an exclusive engine only for this model. a 1.6L l4 capable of producing 134 horsepower at 4000 rpm. This engine helps the Optima 2019 to reach 0 to 100 in 11.2 seconds.

Kia Optima 2019 GTA 5

This mod has the same interior as the 2016 version but with different bumpers, headlights and taillights. As always you can expect the highest quality with our mods and we hope you have fun, completing your Optima collection ;). 

Kia Optima 2019 GTA 5 Features


kia optima 2019
kia optima 2019

Other Features

As with all of our other mods, the Kia Optima 2016 GTA 5 ( Kia K5 ) mod has all the functional features listed here.

How to install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods.
Addon name: gcmoptimasx19


3D Model made by HUM3D.


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1 review for Kia Optima 2019 GTA 5

  1. shine

    This is a very nice car!

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