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Land Rover Range Rover 2022

5 customer reviews



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Land Rover Range Rover 2022

One of the most prestigious lineups ever made, The Land Rover Range rover has been in production since the 1960s. It is one of the most successful products of the Land Rover and an Icon in terms of being a luxury SUV. 

The fifth-generation, The Ranger Rover Land Rover 2022 which is known as the L460, is the latest and arguably the most controversial model in the Land Rover lineup. 

The front of the car has a slick and similar design to the previous generation. However, the back of the car especially the taillight assembly is something new and maybe too modern for the taste of the regular buyers of this car. 

What is your opinion about Land Rover Range Rover 2022? Are you a fan of the new changes or do you prefer the older generations of this car? 

Land Rover Range Rover 2022 GTA 5 Mod Features

To open the trunk, You should hold ‘H’ to activate the animation function. The model has been adjusted to appear in-game without the need for ‘tuning parts’. So some parts of the interior might not look as smooth as a model with a high poly count. 


How to install

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Addon name: gcmrangerover2022



3D Model from HKV


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5 reviews for Land Rover Range Rover 2022

  1. sergio lopez

    se ve coche perfecto recomiendo este modder

  2. alxsouza993

    Wow nice surprise, really love this car.

  3. varoun

    Excellent Mod and my dream vehicle.

  4. varoun


  5. Asher

    Design and detailing of the car is just outstanding 😍

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