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Mercedes Benz 500 SL 1985 + AMG

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Mercedes Benz 500 SL 1985

Mercedes Benz 500 SL 1985

The Mercedes Benz 500 SL 1985 is the newer version of the R107 350 SL which was produced from 1980 until 1989. 

This version of the R107 had more power ( 237 hp compared to the 187 from 350 SL ) and could reach a higher top speed. 

Although the 500 SL is not a facelift it has some minor improvements and design changes. On the exterior, it has a new front bumper and instead of hubcaps, it has an aluminum rim. 

On the interior, again it is mostly the same except for a new fancy radio and some new buttons for controlling different functions in the car. 

Which version do you like the most? This one or the 350 SL ? 

Mercedes Benz 500 SL 1985 Model Features

By purchasing this product you will receive 2 models. The first one is the 500 SL which is the one on the product picture. The second one is the AMG variant which has different skirts, rims, rear bumper, and a spoiler. 

Right now, neither of the SL models have a trunk or an engine bay. We have plans to make both, but not for the near future. 

Just like the 350 SL, Both the 500 SL and the AMG variant are equipped with 2 different roofs that you can have via tuning ( use any trainer you want to spawn and change them ). 

Different roof situations are shown below with the SL 350: 

What you get by buying this model

  • You get lifetime access to the Addon version of this mod. It means that you automatically receive the new versions in your dashboard (  My account / Downloads ). 
  • You receive 2 versions. The R107 500SL and the R107 AMG.

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How to install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods.
Addon name:  gcmsl500r107

Addon 2 name:  gcmr107amg


3D models by desmonster , AMG Variant


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Unlocking, Trading, or re-selling this mod is forbidden and will result in losing access to the mod and the account. 


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