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Pagani Imola 2021 GTA 5

2 customer reviews



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Pagani Imola 2021

Pagani Huayra has been in production since 2012. Since then there have been several special editions of this beautiful mid-engine supercar. Some of them have been created at the request of customers such as the LA Monza Lisa which is a white edition Huayra built for Kris Singh. They all are super expensive and limited. The latest special version of Huayra is the Pagani Imola which is named after a famous Italian racing track.

Pagani Imola is the most powerful variant of Huayra with a Mercedes-AMG V12 Engine that can produce ~800 hp. Only 5 units of this car have been made which explains the extraordinary price tag set for it, 5.4 million!

This Ultra-rare supercar is available to download at for free. We hope you enjoy it.

Pagani imola 2021
Pagani imola 2021
Pagani imola 2021
Pagani imola 2021
Pagani imola 2021
Pagani imola 2021

Pagani Imola GTA 5 Features

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Addon name: gcmimola

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Model : CSR2 – Thanks to for providing the model.

2 reviews for Pagani Imola 2021 GTA 5

  1. Jocoer

    Make the illumination of the devices. There will be 5 stars

  2. Marc30499

    Car is pretty good, interior and exterior is well done in nice quality my only gripe is the wheels. Why are the wheels small compared to a real life version? If possible I would love for you all to size up the front and back wheels.

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