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911 Turbo S Cabriolet 2012

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                    Breakable Glass       3D Engine

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Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet 2012

If you are not a Porsche fan, it is hard to distinguish their models specially based on the front end of the car. However, when you familiarize yourself with this amazing lineup, It is easier to differentiate between different generations, and one the most beautiful of them, in my opinion, is the revised version of the Porsche 997, which is known as the 997.2 between car enthusiasts. 

The Porsche 997 initially launched in 2004 and until 2008 when it got replaced by the Gen II, Porsche released all of its typical variations from this car. From the normal Carrera, to Carrera S, Turbo, and even the GT3 and GT3 RS. 

In 2008 Porsche introduced the 997 Gen II, which was a mid-cycle refresh, however, this car could have been a completely new generation on its own. 

It has a new engine, revised headlights and taillights, new bumpers, improved interior, and the now famous PDK transmission system. 

The Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet is the most powerful version of the 997 Gen II, featuring a 3.8 liter twin-turbocharged flat 6 engine that has 523 horsepower. It can go from 0 to 100 in only 3.1 seconds which is impressive even by today’s standards. 



Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet 2012 Model Features

  • High quality mod with Complete interior, Engine bay and Trunk space. 
  • High Quality Rims and Brake Calipers. 
  • 3D Taillights.
  • The roof can be accessed via tuning ( It’s not animated ) 
  • Functioning gauges with radio.
  • It has all the functional features such as breakable glass, listed here: Our models features  

What you get by buying this model

  • You get lifetime access to the Addon version of this mod. It means that you automatically receive the new versions in your dashboard (  My account / Downloads ). 

How to install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods.
Addon name: gcm997turboscabrio


3D model by HUM3D.


© 2021  All rights reserved

Unlocking, Trading, or re-selling this mod is forbidden and will result in losing access to the mod and the account. 


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