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28 Jul 2021

Acura MDX 2019 GTA 5

4 customer reviews


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Acura MDX 2019

Acura is the luxury nameplate of Honda. The MDX Line up is a mid-sized cross-over for Acura that has been in production since 2000 and it has had 4 generations until now. The third generation of Acura MDX has been in production since 2013.

The Acura MDX’s Third generation ( YD3 ) received a facelift in 2016 ( the version of the mod that appears on this page ) and it has 3 different engine options. the most powerful one has a 3.0 VTEC engine with an all-wheel-drive system that can produce 320 horsepower.


Acura MDX 2019 GTA 5 Mod Features


How to Install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods.
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4 reviews for Acura MDX 2019 GTA 5

  1. iuri


  2. dqduc271

    LOVE IT! Thank you very much

  3. Fosloa


  4. den442244

    Fix speedometr pleeease!!!!

    • Canadian Mods

      what’s wrong with it ?

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