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Audi RS5 Coupe 2018 GTA 5

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Audi RS5 Coupe 2018

The Audi A5 Series is the compact coupe line-up that has been produced by Audi since 2007. 

It has 3 main body types. Coupe, Cabriolet, and Sportback. The one that we are presenting to you today is the coupe model and it’s not a normal coupe. It’s the RS5, but we’ll talk about the RS a bit later. 

The second generation of the Audi A5 has been around since 2016 and looks so much better than its previous generations.

It can reach 0-100 in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 280 km/h. 


The base model has a 2.0 L engine that outputs 188 horsepower. Already good enough for daily driving. But if you need the maximum power available, then there is the RS5 to choose from. 

The Audi RS5 Couper 2018 has a 2.9 Liter V6 twin-turbo engine that outputs 444 horsepower.

Audi RS5 Coupe 2018​ GTA 5 Mod

audi rs5 coupe 2018

Finally! our first Audi mod. 

We had not released any Audi models until now and there will be many more on the website soon. We have plans for releasing the convertible version for the A5 series as well.

So follow us on our Instagram or Discord to get the latest updates on the future mods. 

Audi RS5 Coupe 2018​ GTA 5 Features

audi rs5 coupe 2018

This mod has a full interior with quality door panels and door sills like all of our other mods. But it lacks the engine and the trunk due to the model size.

To read about the usual features of our mods follow this link: Our GTA 5 Mods feautres

How to install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods. But if your game is already suitable for mods you can add the mod to your game with this name:  gcmrs52018


3D Model from HKV


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2 reviews for Audi RS5 Coupe 2018 GTA 5

  1. tadeuemmanuel10

    man i would be very grateful if you brought the audi a5 coupe 🙂
    I admire all your mods, they are well done!!

  2. tadeuemmanuel10

    cara, eu ficaria muito grato se você trouxesse o audi a5 sportback ?
    Eu admiro todos os seus mods, eles são bem feitos !!

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