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Dodge Magnum SE

4 customer reviews



                Breakable Glass

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Dodge Magnum SE

Dodge Magnum

The Dodge Magnum is a station wagon that was in production from 2004 until 2008. It was a powerful car that had 4 different trims. The SE which has the weakest model, had a 2.7 L V6 that could produce 190 horsepower.

The most powerful engine belonged to the SRT-8 trim and was a 6.1 L V8 Hemi engine capable of producing 425 horsepower.  The production number of the SRT-8 trim, was much lower compared to other trims. Considering the total units that were sold from 2004 until 2009, the SRT-8 had only a 1.7% share. 

Dodge Magnum SE GTA 5 Features

  • HQ exterior and Interior.
  • This mod comes with a trunk, but there is no engine. 
  • 3D textured lights. 
  • It has all the functional features such as breakable glass, listed here: Our GTA 5 car mods features  

How to install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods.
Addon name: gcmmagnumse2004


3D model from Forza.


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Unlocking, Trading, or re-selling this mod is forbidden and will result in losing access to the mod and the account. 

4 reviews for Dodge Magnum SE

  1. ToiletV1

    Nice model but what is the passwort?

    • GTACarmods

      It’s written in the description

  2. sergio lopez

    se ve coche perfecto recomiendo este modder

  3. frodo543

    I can’t download the model

    • GTACarmods

      the download host is getting fixed please be patient

  4. hannibalseca

    I’m looking for the password and I don’t see it in the description!

    • GTACarmods


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