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Mazda 3 2021 Hatchback GTA 5

6 customer reviews


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Mazda 3 2021 Hatchback

The latest iteration of the Mazda 3 lineup is finally here. Mazda 3 2021’s production began in 2019 and has continued to this day without much difference in its look.

Its design is different from most recent cars. Lots of car manufacturers recently have designed their products with aggressive styles, sharp edges, and bold lines, however, this Mazda has continued its brand’s signature. Although, Mazda 3 2021 won’t smile at you happily anymore, and it has a more serious appearance.

This car comes with a wide range of engine options. from a 1.5L to 2.5L it has 6 engine choices for Petrol versions and 1 1.8L Diesel version.

Mazda 3 2021 is the 4th generation of Mazda 3’s line up and it’s available for the first time in the Grand theft auto series, exclusively at If you like to take a look at previous Mazda 3 generations you can visit Mazda 3 2007 which is also available on our website.

Mazda 3 2021 GTA 5 Hatchback Mod Features

The 3D model for this car was so high poly that reducing it to the amount suitable for GTA V was a challenge. This means that we won’t be able to add other parts such as a 3D engine, transmission system, or trunk to this car.

But it has a high-quality exterior since the model itself is really well done. Also, all the functions listed here are available for this mod. If you are interested to know how much time goes into creating a single mod check that article out.

How to Install

If you are not familiar with installing mods, read this thorough article on How to install mods.

Addon name: gcmmaz32021

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Modeled by FisherMan3D.

The model is purchased and converted by the Gtacarmods team


Do not re-upload this mod on any other websites. Converting this mod for other games and other versions of GTA is forbidden

6 reviews for Mazda 3 2021 Hatchback GTA 5

  1. Anonymous


  2. fosloa

    nice work

  3. ROB

    Very Good

  4. lcjs8541

    I have been waiting for this car for more than a year! Some details are different, but overall everything is perfect!

  5. setya_yaya

    well wokred sir

  6. Skeino

    The car is beautiful but it is impossible to improve the engine, brakes etc or to change the color of the vehicle.

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